Face Painting Business Myths

Mention starting a Face Painting Business to your friends and see what kind of reaction you get.  Uninformed people who have no knowledge that Face Painting is a high art form may believe the myths about Face Painting. 

Myths like:

"Face Painters never get paid!"

"All face painters work as professional clowns."

"Anyone can do face painting."

"It doesn't take any special skills or education to be a Professional Face Painter."

"You can't make a business from Face Painting."

Anyone who believes these statements could not be more wrong!

MYTH #1 - In fact, to promote their business, many face painters do start out by volunteering their services for events, but as Face Painters improve in skill, artistry and speed, the "free rides" do not last for long.  YES, they do get paid!

MYTH #2 - Yes, SOME face painters work as professional clowns, but not all.  Many professional Face Painters dress in plain clothes as they would rather the child be the star rather than themselves.

MYTH #3 - No, "anyone" cannot do face painting.  Sure, Aunt Helen can learn how to paint a buttefly or ladybug on Little Johnny's cheek,  but that doesn't make Aunt Helen a Professional Face Painter who can transform Little Johnny into a SuperHero with a few strokes of her paintbrush.

MYTH #4 - As with any business venture, there are new skills that must be learned in order for that business to achieve some level of success.  To be considered an outstanding Professional Face Painter, it does require practice, hands-on training and education. 

MYTH #5 - OH, Yes, Virginia, you CAN make a business from Face Painting.  Every market will be different, but professional face painters can and do make a nice living from their passion with paint.

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